Monday, May 26, 2008

Field Trip Fun

Finally - they came up with something fun for ME to do! Thanks to my new seatbelt, I don't get left home as much anymore. For some reason, both of my people were home for three days this weekend! As much as I love them, I hope they go back to work tomorrow because I need some sleep. This weekend we were all over the place having what they called a "stay-vacation."

I think they're just cheap.

So, we took lots of long walks and also went through the Culver's drive-thru. I like it there because the flavor of the day is always a dog biscuit for me. We also went to the "farmer's market" where they bought me very yummy snacks (peanut butter of course). I'm keeping a close watch on those snacks as I am afraid Stacy is going to eat them all.

I've been missing my canine friends so I was thrilled to make some new dog friends this weekend. I met a Dalmatian who loves to play rough just like me! I also made friends with a miniature dog that I almost stepped on because he was so tiny. He knew I was boss so we got along just fine. All the people around me were oohing and ahhing and saying "Aren't they cute?" when we were getting to know each other.

I know how to work a crowd.

There was an unfortunate incident when I came across a nice older lady who came to pet me and then was surprised that I licked her face. What does she expect? I am a dog.

Another unexpected surprise - today I ate my first onion ring. Breaded and everything. I spotted it on the ground way before Stacy and Ryann and I gobbled it up before they could react. I know onions are bad for me - I just can't help it. I think I get that from Stacy.

Overall, we had a good weekend, but I am dog tired.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doggie PT

Can you believe it has been twelve weeks since my second knee surgery? My people have been making me do all sorts of doggie pt - figure eights, sit-stays, and even walking on hills! As soon as it gets warm enough I'll even get my own doggie pool to swim in! We've been waiting for the vet to give me the permission to run, play, and fetch. Unfortunately, my leg is still swinging out so we need to keep working and I have to wait for another month before reaching my ultimate goal - attending Yappy Hour at a local doggie day care. Here's me on one of the hills we go over on our walks. As you can see, I'm feeling pretty good!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Chew On This

Let's face it. I get bored. I've got a big brain to go with this big body. I need to be stimulated! Sure, the walks are fine - but there's nothing for me to do in the house beyond play with my toys and chew on my bones! That's puppy stuff! Do I get to hold the remote? No! Do I get to choose what we watch on the TIVO? No! If only I had thumbs! (I'm using wag to text software at the moment, in case you were wondering.)

Life just isn't fair.

So, to let my people know I am bored - I recently came up with a master plan. I'll get them where it really hurts - their shoes. I know know they're important. I'm always helping Ryann find them before walks. This way I can tell them I'm bored in a way they can't ignore. Too bad the shoe supply is limited around here. I should go find those Sex in the City gals.

Speaking of my big body, I now weigh 88 pounds thanks to a controlled diet of kibble, carrots, popcorn and the occasional dill pickle randomly placed on the neighborhood sidewalks. Shoes along the road, I can understand. One of my brethren was probably telling his people something. Pickles along the sidewalk, on the other paw, I just don't understand. Good thing I'm not too picky.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Soccer Clete

Last weekend, my owners put me into my new seatbelt and took me to my first soccer game! I had a lot of fun watching my favorite small friend run up and down the field after a ball. Too bad they wouldn't let me play!

Clete vs. Possum

Last night, Stacy took me out for our nightly pre-bed outing when what should appear before my very nose? A very unwanted visitor - an opossum! I was so suprised I ran away from Stacy and came nose to nose with this ugly creature. I was frozen, wondering what to do and suddenly Ryann came across the deck, brandishing my favorite blue kong and threw it between us. It shook me from my trance but then I let the Hobbit-like animal sneak back underneath the deck. What does it think this is? The Shire? I think not.