Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maintaining My Figure

Finally, finally, finally - Spring is on the way! Sure, we got another four inches of snow yesterday, but I heard birds! We are taking walks again! Ryann stopped wearing a fuzzy hat indoors! My favorite walk of all time was a few days ago when we took a nice, long walk to a new place that had human drinks (hmph). The snow had melted away leaving nice big mud puddles, just for me! While Ryann wanted me to stay away from them, I knew Stacy wanted to play in the mud so I took him through the puddles anyway. It was the most fun-I looked almost exactly like a black Lab when we were done!All this exercise means that I can have special treats every now and then - even doughnuts! Ok, so this isn't a real doughnut but it was a real nice treat. Thanks, Auntie Beth! :-)