Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Marley Is Not ME!

If you haven't already seen it - there is a new movie out called "Marley and Me." I haven't seen it yet, but if there ever was a movie perfect for a dog friendly showing - this would be it.

But, I've had it. Everywhere we go-"There's Marley! Hey, look it's Marley!" Do I look like a trouble maker like Marley? Ok, I admit there is a slight resemblance. However, there are some significant differences.

First of all, I do not eat jewelry. Second, I do not eat couches. Third, I did not get kicked out of obedience school-I took a medical leave. Finally, and most importantly, I have not gone to the great dog run in the sky! I do admit, however, that if Stacy and Ryann took me to eat at the outdoor cafe, I probably would pull that "drag the table down the street" stunt.

Here's what I want to know: is this really the message we want to send young lab pups? The way to fame and fortune is misbehavior? I should think not.

So, I've decided to pen my own novel and screenplay in response: "Cletus and Us: The Story of the World's BEST Dog."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pet Holiday Gift Guide

During the busy holiday season, I feel it is my duty as a dog blogger to remind all humans of one important thing: Don't forget your pet on Christmas!

Here is my list of suggested gifts for your favorite canine companion:

1. Anything from JW Pet! I love these toys. Some of them are fun to retrieve (what isn't, really) and some of them are fun to play with on my own in the house - even after the squeaker is gone! I love all of them and my favorites are the Bowling Pin and the Fish!

2. Anything I can retrieve! Frisbees and balls that glow in the dark are tops on the list. My need to fetch knows no season or schedule and needs no daylight! Some favorites are from REI and L.L. Bean.

3. Nylabones! Sometimes I just want to sit on my pillow (or lean on Stacy) and gnaw on a bone. I might even keep one nearby when I sleep in case I wake up and need to crunch.

4. Stuffed animals! I love to pull all the stuffing and squeakers out. My favorites are the Milkbone animals from Walgreens (not shown below). Not only are they cheap - they last forever because I recycle the feet and use them as balls!

Finally, some of the best toys are ones I find on walks. You won't believe the great stuff people and dogs leave behind. Tennis balls, baseballs, all for me!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Road Trips and Family Reunions

It's been over a year since I came to live with at my new house with Stacy and Ryann. I can hardly believe it. I have often wondered if I would ever see my birth family again - and this weekend I did!

It all started with an early morning car ride - that seemed to take FOREVER! We stopped a few times along the way and I was able to explore some great new places. Finally - we got to our destination - Grandma's house!!! I love Grandma! She always gives me new toys, feeds me yummy treats and she even stands up for me when I get in trouble! Now, that's something to be really thankful for!

Then, just as I was basking in the glow of my Grandma's love, and my human-biological parents walked right in! One sniff and I knew who they were. I ran around and around, showing them how great my new legs work. Later on, we went outside and I showed them how much my Frisbee fetching skills have improved!

My human-biological parents seem to be doing OK without me. I played with them as much as I could since I am sure they missed playing with me. I could tell my human-biological dad was related to The Enforcer because he kept giving me commands - but I couldn't understand what he wanted me to do! It's too bad that I didn't have more time with him to teach him a few things.

All in all - I had a great Thanksgiving! Seeing my biological human parents was nice - but my favorite part of the weekend was coming back home to our house.