Friday, August 29, 2008

A Dog Friendly World

I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's hard being me. There are some places in this great big world where adorable dogs just like me are not welcome. I know, I know, it's hard to believe. Here is but one example of this close-minded philosophy.

Or, even worse, dogs are discriminated against! Why do horses get such special privileges? They need someone to RIDE them. I can walk on my own, thank you very much.

Even in the face of such unwelcoming signs - I still have hope. There are a few places where dogs are not only allowed - they are welcome. Here's a play area in Nebraska that not only is just for dogs, it comes complete with a fire hydrant!

I thought this would be the best dog play area I would ever see, until Grandma took me on a special trip to a place I like to call DoggyWorld. It is the most amazing place ever. First of all, I like the fact that this place really knows who is boss.

For your information, "You" refers to humans not canines. Genius.

DoggyWorld was not very busy the day we went. There were a few other dogs there and I was involved in a brief Frisbee competition. It was brief because once I started the other dog gave up (even though it was her person throwing her Frisbee)! In case you missed the recap on PetCenter - here's a video clip. Look closely to watch me leave the others in the dust (literally!).

After all this fun, I was sure glad there was a dog water fountain installed at DoggyWorld. I hoping Stacy will build one for me someday since our house is the most dog friendly place I know (next to DoggyWorld, of course).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

On the Road Again

I love road trips - especially when I get to go, too! Last week, my people started putting all their favorite things into their traveling boxes and I watched with anxious anticipation to see if they would pack a bag for me - or if I would get another punch on the Alcatraz Frequent Visitor card. Then I heard the magic words - "Hop in, Clete. We're going to Grandma's house!"

I LOVE Grandma's house. Grandma always puts in special doors so I can stay in the house (instead of the garage like when I was a puppy) and she gets me toys that I always play with right away, being the polite dog that I am. For this visit, she went a step further by putting brand new carpet in - just for me! She picked out the most wonderful, thick carpeting just for her favorite grand-puppy because she knows how much I love a cushy spot to take a short dog-nap.

Usually, we spend a few days at Grandma's house - but this time we packed up to come home after only a couple of days, and Grandma and Aunt Wendy came with us! I wasn't sure what it would be like to travel with four humans, but thankfully I have a barrier to give me my own special place.

It turned out that the people were very well-behaved. They hardly whined at all and always hopped right back in when it was time to go. (Grandma could have shared her popcorn with me, although I won't hold that against her. I usually don't share mine, either.) Although my trip was short - I visited the most wonderful place in the world...stay tuned to find out more!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Troublesome Days

I've had a rough few days. It all started early one day when some cute little girls came to play with me and when they left I realized Ryann was gone! I didn't worry too much at first since Stacy and I have so much fun when The Enforcer is gone.

However, this time, Stacy decided he needed to paint my fence. Why? It looks just fine! Frankly, it's a waste of a perfectly good fence if he is going to spend so much time painting it instead of playing fetch.

Then trouble hit - well, actually, it was me that hit the closed screen door. It really, really looked open! I didn't mean to run into it full speed and break it - I just thought Stacy was going to throw me something. A bone, a toy, anything! I was so bored!

That's when I really knew Ryann as gone. Stacy and I don't do well with punishment on our own. He said some things, I said some things. It wasn't pretty.

We eventually made up but we were both happy when Ryann returned. I wasn't sure where she had gone until she showed this picture to Stacy when they thought I was napping (I was just resting my eyes).

I think Ryann was shopping for another pet! Really, this house is not big enough for both me and a cow. So, if it is me or the cow - here's why I am the better choice:

1. Cows can't patrol the neighborhood - they'd stop and eat grass every 2 seconds.
2. Cows aren't house trained. Yuck.
3. Dogs are cute, especially the yellow Labrador types.
4. Cows would not fit into the car when we go on field trips.
5. Cows can't do tricks - they just chew their cud and moo. Borrrring.

and, finally,

6. Cows can't play fetch. Stacy really needs someone to play fetch with and I'm the dog for him.

Enough said. I think I'm safe.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Reading is very important, boys and girls. Not that I need to, of course, since Ryann reads to me all the time. Sometimes we read the paper together in the mornings. Well, she reads it and then I lay down on the sections she's finished with.

She even brings me dog books from the library! I like to take them off to read by myself since they smell so good (like me, heh heh). I only read them for the articles, of course.

I'm told due to "this economy" our paper is now delivered to the end of our driveway instead of to our door. Everytime we come home from our morning patrol my people both strongly hint that I should retrieve the paper for them.

I don't think so. They could use the exercise.

Plus, I think I earn my keep around here. I'm always putting up with all the hugs and tummy rubs. It's hard work, I tell you. But, somebody's got to do it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shop Til You Drop

Stuff. It's all over our house. Everytime Stacy and Ryann come home they bring more stuff. Sure, sometimes they bring me stuff, I admit it. But sometimes I think they buy stuff to replace the other stuff they can't find. Why do I think this? They are always asking ME to find stuff for them.

"Clete, where'd I put my keys?" What do I need with keys? I have no thumbs.

"Clete, have you seen my shoes?" Sure, blame it on the dog when you can't find your shoes. Nice.
But my favorite is when they ask me to find my own stuff. "Clete where's your bone? Where's it at? Go get it." Hey, Einsteins, yes, I do know where my bone is - dogs are known for their sense of smell, remember? Geesh. It's like they don't know me at all.

Sometimes, though, they do take me with them to go when they get their stuff. Just this weekend Stacy and I went to the place that smelled like Ryann's pointy shoe outfits. Lots of other people must take their stuff there, too, because lots of clothes hung everywhere. I was very good and waited for Stacy by the door, until my new friend Linda gave us a treat. Well, it turned out it wasn't a treat - just a piece of paper. Bleck. Not my kind of stuff.

Other places, though, make me wait outside. Well, at least I get to window shop.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Breakfast of a Champion

Whew, it's good to be home. I spent the weekend at a doggie resort and spa. My adventure there was packed full of deep muscle massages, gourmet food, and private fetching sessions.

Or, at least that's what my people tell themselves when they drop me off at Alcatraz.

I think Ryann must have felt bad about leaving me behind because the morning they left, she arranged a very special breakfast surprise for me. We had just taken a long patrol (I should have seen the writing on the hydrant), when what before my wondering eyes should appear - but a yard full of bagels! In assorted flavors!

Ryann acted like she hadn't planned it and tried to convince me that I wouldn't like them. Too many carbs, she said. I could smell right through her act and showed her how much I loved her special surprise for me by stuffing two bagels into my mouth at once. It was awesome.

This week bagels, next week waffles. Wish me luck.