Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Yo, dogs! I had one of the best summers ever! First, I went on a long car ride and visited my first family for a long weekend. There was no room at the inn, so my people and I stayed in a great big house with lots of rooms! Our rooms were big enough that Grandma stayed with us, too. Which was good, since she needed me to be her alarm clock. Well, not that she actually asked me to, but she seemed appreciative when I woke her up in the mornings.

As great as this place was, there was something very strange there. Sometimes, we would go into a creepy little room and watch as the doors close behind us. Then, the room MOVED! When the doors opened up again - we were somewhere different than when the doors closed!

It was not natural.

After that, I politely declined any invitations to go into the room of horror!

Other than that - it was a great trip! I loved spending time with my first family and with my cute little half-brothers! Those boys were lots of fun and I could tell they could use my positive influence. They also enjoyed all my tales of life in the big city. I even showed them how to swim in the pond. Several times, in fact as they needed a lot of instruction and I was happy to oblige. Hey, what are big brothers for?

Everyone had a great time, but I was happy when we packed up to return back to the city. It is always nice to come home, especially when there are great places for me to exercise the folks on the way!

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